lillith panties

R$ 125

Welcome to our "poets" line!
Lillith panties are those that fall in love, either in the look or in the dress.
Made from a sustainable silk mix fabric, it is extremely comfortable.
You will love this experience (of loving yourself even more!)
Best of all, it can be customized just for you!

Manual embroidery, whether on the front, back or side. A word or a figure. Just tell us what you want!

Color: White

Lillith panties are our sustainable panties, made with lyocel fiber mixed with organic silk. Lyocell (lyocell) for those who don't know is an ecological cellulosic vegetable fiber. As it comes from eucalyptus (although it can also be produced from oak or birch), the raw material also stands out in terms of sustainability. The Myrtaceae family tree grows quickly, without irrigation and without the need for pesticides, on land that is no longer suitable for food. Fabric production does not use toxic products, and 99.5% of the dissolving agent can be used repeatedly. The material uses only 50% of the water needed to produce cotton and, because it breathes better, it picks up odors less easily, requiring fewer washes. However, it is important to note what kind of energy was used to make the cloth. And in our case, it comes with a certificate of sustainable responsibility.

Hypoallergenic, this fabric is perfect for lingerie as it absorbs 50% more sweat than regular cotton, in addition to having durability as one of its main features.

In a comfortable fit, it was created to be used for both a special occasion and day-to-day, with comfort being one of its main features, providing immense pleasure when wearing it. It is sensual and feminine, a delicate lingerie that will transform your day-to-day. To be used day and night and on special occasions.

Category: "For Poets"
To be used day and night and on special occasions
Soft touch fabric
Thin and delicate piece
70% lyocell
30% Silk
100% cotton lining
Your Lillith panties can be customized. Manually embroidered a word or a figure (such as symbols, flowers, etc.).
The deadline for personalization is on average 15 days.
If you want more than one word or figure, the amount of R$44.00 is charged separately.
For personalization, we will contact you, but if you want to define it, write it in the notes during checkout!
Cisô uses premium but delicate materials in the creation of all lingerie, and the care that should be taken with these pieces is essential to maintain their best shape and durability. In order for your lingerie to remain perfect, it is ideal that it be washed by hand, with neutral soap, special for lingerie or delicate items, drying it in the shade. Avoid soaking the garment, in direct contact with the sun, using fabric softeners and washing and/or drying machines.

To ensure perfect sizing, you'll need a tape measure and a full-length mirror. You should measure the naked body, or at most, with very thin panties underneath. Be careful not to let the tape fall on the back!

68-71 72-75 76-79 80-83
Hip 92-95 96-99 100-103 104-107 108-111

measurements in centimeters (cm)

To measure your hips, wrap the tape around the widest part, usually around the middle of your butt. And the waist at the thinnest part, usually in the navel area.

If you don't find your measurements in the table above, remember that we have our Atelier made to measure! Know more!

For more information, visit our full 'Sizes & Measurements' page.

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