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Bodysuit Lucy Floral

Sale priceR$ 378,00

In a mix of femininity and contemporaneity, our Lucy arrived to rock! A deep neckline along with a mix of colors, it ranges from sensual, feminine to body hugging, drawing long sighs (and a few screams of love) from those who wear it and those who see it!
Fall in love!
Sizes & Measurements

To ensure perfect sizing, you'll need a tape measure and a full-length mirror. You should measure the naked body, or at most, with very thin panties underneath. Be careful not to let the tape fall on the back!

Height 150-165 165-170 170-185
86-89 90-93 94-98
Hip 96-99 100-103 104-107

measurements in centimeters (cm)

It is worth noting that bodysuits are measured mainly by torso height (vertical), as the elastic cord is to the sides (horizontal).

If you don't find your measurements in the table above, remember that we have our Atelier made to measure! Know more!

For more information, visit our full 'Sizes & Measurements' page.

Feito com excelência a mão

Design Brasileiro

Produção Sustentável

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Bodysuit Lucy Floral
Bodysuit Lucy Floral Sale priceR$ 378,00


Todas as nossas peças são orgulhosamente criadas em nosso atelier e produzidas de forma ética, com amor e respeito.