girl bodysuit

R$ 395

Special as every novel should be. Body Chica is a scandal for its unique design. Lace brings romanticism to the contemporary piece, making all types of courtship even more exciting. Love yourself with Chica!

Color: Black

Bodysuit Cisô Chica, made of premium tulle with soft-touch lace, without bothering the skin. With a game of transparencies and a mix of fabrics, this piece literally embraces the body, creating a contemporary and romantic look. That is, feminine to the extreme, leaving any special moment unforgettable. Design with an apparent back and comfortable shorts, it has a closure in the crotch for day-to-day practicality and still has the comfort of a 100% cotton lining.

For Lovers

Cisô's 'FOR LOVERS' line reflects its essence and signature. It features innovative design pieces that are extremely feminine and sensual. Cutouts that emphasize the body's curves and the predominant black color dictate the special 'for lovers' style .

To be used on special occasions

Piece with romantic and contemporary style

piece with transparencies

Piece without support in the breasts

Fits most body types

It has a 100% cotton lining

Has a snap-button opening on the crotch


90% Polyamide

10% elastane


82% Polyamide

18% Elastane


100% cotton

Cisô uses premium but delicate materials in the creation of all lingerie, and the care that should be taken with these pieces is essential to maintain their best shape and durability. In order for your lingerie to remain perfect, it is ideal that it be washed by hand, with neutral soap, special for lingerie or delicate items, drying it in the shade. Avoid soaking the garment, in direct contact with the sun, using fabric softeners and washing and/or drying machines.

To ensure perfect sizing, you'll need a tape measure and a full-length mirror. You should measure the naked body, or at most, with very thin panties underneath. Be careful not to let the tape fall on the back!

Height 150-165 165-170 170-185
86-89 90-93 94-98
Hip 96-99 100-103 104-107

measurements in centimeters (cm)

It is worth noting that bodysuits are measured mainly by torso height (vertical), as the elastic cord is to the sides (horizontal).

If you don't find your measurements in the table above, remember that we have our Atelier made to measure! Know more!

For more information, visit our full 'Sizes & Measurements' page.