The different forms of Mitra are intended for vaginal and/or anal use. If necessary, use water-based lubricant to improve the experience. For new sensations, miter can be heated in a container of warm water or refreshed in cold water.

Composition: 100% Natural

Color: Colors may vary due to the natural origin of the product

Dimensions: sizes vary due to handmade production
- 17 cm x 3.5 cm x 4.0 cm
- 9.5 cm tall
- 4.0 cm wide (thickest part)
- 4.0 cm base
- 350 grams

Amethyst: Stone known to enhance the transition from our lower nature to a higher perception. It is also related to social aspects, such as friendship, positive thinking and the stimulation of intuition. Chakra 6 and 7

Crystal Quartz: It is known to increase the crystalline properties of the body, balancing emotions and thoughts. All chakras.

Rose Quartz: This stone emanates love, increases confidence and, at the same time, eliminates negative vibrations derived from anguish, anger, fear, guilt or jealousy. Chakra 4

Green Quartz: It is known for its ability to stimulate courage, patience and creativity. Convey security. Chakra: 4

Red Jasper: It is known to help the nervous system, this stone is recommended for issues related to the health of the liver, stomach and bladder. In addition to bringing inner peace and satisfaction, it also protects against negative energies. Chakra 2 and 1

Sodalite: It is the stone of clarity and mental tranquility. Contributes to creative expression and discovery of the unique Self. Balances internal conflicts and provides courage. Chakra: 5 and 6

Product Made in Brazil.