Surrender to the seductive and discreet pleasure of the MiMi

The small but mighty MiMi is the perfect first toy for sensational external stimulation and can be used with your partner or alone.

How to use your MiMi, covered in velvety smooth silicone and 100% body safe; MiMi is sensual from the first touch and glides very smoothly on your skin.

Delightfully soft to caress and incite deep sensations during foreplay, yet powerful enough to massage the entire body - you can place the MiMi in your palm and use its vibrations to spread the sensation to your fingertips for a lighter massage and sensual.

- 100% Vegan

- With 5 powerful speed patterns, from soft purring to intense vibration, and 7 stimulation modes

- 100% waterproof (shower and bath)

- 100% body-safe silicone (Phthalate-free)

- Elegant and with a smooth surface for a soft and velvety touch

- Rechargeable with its magnetic clip

- Quiet yet powerful

- 2 hours of charge for 2 hours of pleasure

Turn on and turn off:

• To start your toy, press and hold the «+» button so that the indicator light turns on and starts to vibrate.

• Press the «+» button to increase the intensity of the vibrations.

• Press the «-» button to decrease the intensity of the vibrations.

• Press middle button «~» to change vibration modes.

• Your vibrator has 5 intensity levels and 6 vibration modes.

• To turn off the vibrator, press and hold the «-» button until the indicator light goes out and the sex toy stops vibrating.


- To charge your toy, place the charging base directly in connection with the buttons and watch the magnets connect (the toy is charged via its buttons).

When charging, the light will flash.

When fully charged, the light will remain on until the charging base is removed and is no longer in contact with the buttons.

- 2 hours of charge provides 2 hours of pleasure