Pam short sleeve dress

R$ 65 R$ 168
With its simple and contemporary modeling, the Pam dress is perfect for all occasions! Made with modal mesh, it's the right choice for those who don't give up comfort, elegance and versatility.
Color: White

Pam dress with short sleeves and crew neck. It has a short side slit and is ultra-comfortable for its silky touch of modal, its premium fabric. With a straight cut, the simple modeling gains a touch of style with its details and design. On days where comfort is a priority, this dress is the right choice. From bed to out, whether in the city, country or beach, it can be used day and night, and whatever the occasion. Suitable for all bodies.

Collection: BASICS 
To be used day and night, every day. 
Great to use as a second skin. 
Suitable for all bodies
Sizes: S/M and M/L
no opening
88% Modal
12% elastane
Our Basic line is made with micromodal fabric, natural and sustainable, made from beech wood. Its fiber is soft and delicate, which requires special care when washing. We suggest that garments made from this fabric should be washed by hand, but they can be machine-washed as long as they are protected by special bags for washing delicate clothes.

To ensure perfect sizing, you'll need a tape measure and a full-length mirror. You should measure your naked body, or at most, with very thin panties/bra. Be careful not to let the tape fall on the back!

82-85 86-89 90-93 94-97 98-101
Waist 64-67 68-71 72-75 76-79 80-83
Hip 92-95 96-99 100-103 104-107 108-111
Pants Length 100 100.5 101 101.5 102

measurements in centimeters (cm)

Our mesh has a slight stretch, but not too much.

If you don't find your measurements in the table above, remember that we have our Atelier made to measure! Learn more !

For more information, visit our full 'Sizes & Measurements' page.