Nipple Tassel Violet Chachki

R$ 70
To be used on a daily basis, when you want to give up the bra, or to amuse special occasions, Nipple Tassels are a burlesque alternative (literal and figurative) and feminine to break any routine!

Indispensable accessory for exotic dancers of the 1920s, Nipple Tassels (or Nipple Covers, tit-taps, pasties or whichever name you prefer) gained even more scope over time. Can be used with clothes that don't need a bra, intentionally or not to show up, at parties and carnivals and even to make a bow for two, their modes of use are as free as the imagination of those who choose them! Apply to clean, dry skin, without any moisturizer. The Nipple Cover can (and should) be reused! Just keep it in the plastic protection that surrounds it and don't wash or soak it so as not to lose the adhesive tape's capacity. 

Your tassel should cover a little more than your nipple. 
Available in different sizes, with variations between measures S (6cm diameter), M (7.5cm diameter), L (8.5cm diameter).
We advise you to always carry an extra adhesive or eyelash glue in your bag. 
handmade piece
strict quality control

To apply it, clean the area with cotton soaked in alcohol. Apply the double-sided tape* to the edge of your tassel (the more to the edge, the better!). Remove the tape and press over the breast. To remove it, always gently pull the edges and never the pendant!

So that your pasties last for several carnivals, keep them against each other (so that the glue does not stick to the pendant or the sequin). Never machine wash or soak!

* Tapes can be purchased directly from us, or if you prefer, buy “That Girl's Fashion Tape”. It's also worth sticking with eyelash glue, if it's waterproof, even better.