How many times has it been difficult to find lingerie that fits well in all the places? Be it one that fits your body perfectly or one that goes with an outfit that would be impossible to wear with lingerie!
As if a very wide back or small breasts were not a battle and vice versa. Not to mention the materials that cause discomfort, straps and fasteners that tighten...
Due to these and the most diverse complaints that come to our atelier, we decided to help with the tailor-made lingerie service. So, the act of wearing underwear does not become a nightmare.

designed for you

The first step is to get in touch and schedule a day to visit our atelier (due to the pandemic, we are working exclusively by appointment) Separate your main complaints, what you like, what you don't like, favorite colors and fabrics. Together we will create until the piece of your dreams is perfect for you.
As it is a personalized service, which we cannot carry out at scale, the values ​​tend to be 15% higher on average. However, this also depends on your wishes and dreams, whether in design or choice of materials. We can always chat via Instagram, email or Whatsapp.



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