A little piece of Cisô in your house!

Finding the dream lingerie that hugs your body to perfection is not always an easy task!

To facilitate the surprise of meeting the lingerie that takes your breath away, we thought of a model that you can try on, even ordering online!
With safety, total exclusivity and the best, comfort
Our suitcase service was designed combining the best of practicality and safety (mainly due to the new coronavirus), without major commitments, with the possibility of tasting at home or wherever you want!

How it works:
When you answer our form with your wishes, tastes, sizes and personal data, we will send you a Cisô bag, with different selected lingerie, thought through your answers and aligned with what you are looking for!

This suitcase will stay with you for a maximum of 03 days! Enough time for you to have fun and decide!

Receiving our delicacies:
Upon receiving your suitcase, there is no purchase obligation (the only amount charged in the request is the shipping to you!)
The pieces are sold singly or in sets, as you prefer!
For customers who want to buy more than 10 pieces, there is a special 10% discount.

All purchases over R$500.00 have FREE SHIPPING!

Calculate shipping by simulating a purchase in the cart!

If you don't like the parts sent, no problem!
Lingerie is something extremely personal, it may be that not all pieces match and fit perfectly for you!
In that case we will remove the suitcase with the pieces and the only amount charged is the shipping!

For now, we can only serve the city of São Paulo :(
(But, if you bought it in our store and want to exchange it within 30 days, we make this exchange without any problems, regardless of which region of the world you are in!)