Crystals are powerful tools for balancing our physical, psychological and spiritual centers. They have molecular structures that act positively in our electromagnetic field, making it possible, when in contact with our physical body, to unblock and align our chakras, that is, our energy centers. The massagers favor the Root Chakra, located at the base of the dorsal column, the center where life, strength and our sexual energy are activated. Each type of crystal has different energetic properties, and all of them make it possible for us, in addition to expanding our self-knowledge, to expand ourselves energetically to achieve harmony between our physical and spiritual dimensions. More than a tool that helps us get in touch with our desires, its benefits also include a greater awareness of the way we are, feel and express ourselves to the world. Some stones may vary in tones, contrasts and markings as they are natural gemstones.

hand made piece

To be used alone or accompanied


Piece made with amethyst