DUA can be controlled by partner or to play alone. Play with someone, tease them and gain (or lose) control! The DUA is perfect for foreplay at home - or on the go, for the more adventurous. Our unobtrusive app also makes solo play even more fun.

The DUA combines clitoral stimulation with the pleasantly firm vibration of the G-Spot to bring women a sophisticated alternative to traditional dual-stimulation massagers.

The flexible design of the DUA allows positioning of both vibrating ends precisely where needed to trigger new sensations and deliver delusional experiences.

The rounded tip of the DUA also acts as an effective pompom ball (Kegel exercises) that strengthens the pelvic floor providing pleasant sensations. Your PC muscle (pubococcygeus) will naturally squeeze around the AUD, helping to strengthen your pelvic floor. The slim base of the ADU has an independent motor that stimulates the perineum - an incredibly sensitive but often overlooked erogenous zone.