Crystals are powerful energy channels, which means they must always go through a cleansing and energizing process. This ritual frees you from the energy accumulated during each practice, opening the way for the replenishment of new energy.

To clean the crystal, immerse it in a glass or plastic (never metal) container with mineral or sea water for a few hours and then clean it with your hands under running water.

Once all toxicities were released, I let it dry naturally by exposing it to energizing sunlight when possible.

  • Wash with mild soap and soak in warm water before and after each use;
  • Dry naturally;
  • Do not use on areas with inflammation or swelling;
  • Discontinue use if you feel your crystal is causing pain;
  • For adult use only;
  • Our crystals are fragile; handle them with care to avoid falling.
  • Never use your crystal if it is chipped or broken.
  • Do not place in boiling water and/or fire and freezer. This could crack your crystal.
  • Carefully observe the indication for use of your crystal, thus avoiding accidents.